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The key element of Eversale is the Abstract Datagram Network Layer (ADNL).It allows all nodes to assume certain network identities, represented by 256-bit abstract network addresses. They communicate via sending datagrams to each other using only these 256-bit network addresses to identify both the sender and the receiver. In particular, one does not need to worry about IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, UDP port numbers, and the like. They are hidden by the Abstract Network Layer.Each datagram is signed and encrypted by the sender. Only the recipient has the possibility to decrypt the message and verify its integrity via signatures.

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Everscale is a multi-blockchain platform. That is, its architecture is built in such a way that a lot of chains can exist simultaneously and even independently. With this, there is a constant need for updates on the network. For instance, full nodes could require updates for new blocks of some chains. All chains in the network, including the masterchain, communicate via their own overlay. To join it, it is needed to find the nodes that are already in it, and start exchanging data with them.