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Welcome to Everscale

This is the starting point for Everscale documentation. Here you will find the guidance necessary to start developing on the network.

To begin with

Since you landed on this page you most likely want to learn Everscale’s tech and start developing with us. This entails you will need to create a wallet and hold some EVERs, the native token of Everscale. Below, we gathered the resources you will undoubtedly need to comfortably manage your EVER tokens.

  1. Create a Wallet

This is the place where you will store your EVER tokens while interacting with Everscale.

  1. Buy or Sell EVERs

One window for all DEX and CEX platforms where EVER token is listed on.

  1. Exchange tokens

With FlatQube you can easily exchange your tokens or use a multitude of earning opportunities, including liquid staking.

  1. Track transactions

With the help of these explorers, you can search and view all transactions, addresses, tokens and other activities on the Everscale blockchain and its test networks.

  1. Move tokens across chains

Octus Bridge allows you to instantly transfer your tokens to several popular networks in both directions.


After having studied how to manage your EVERs, please move to the overview of Everscale’s documentation via this link.