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The Lore

Everscale’s chronicle


  • Pavel Durov developed the concept of TON - Telegram Open Network. The project is inextricably linked with Telegram Messenger, with plans to integrate the Gram cryptocurrency.


  • TON virtual machine is delivered.-TON blockchain is launched. The network is 70% ready and most of the components are finalized.


  • EverX (ex. TON Labs) launches the first EVER blockchain with proof of authority consensus algorithm (PoA).
  • EverX launches the alpha version of TON OS.
  • TON portal for developers with official project specifications is opened -
  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) demands a ban on the issuance of Gram. The SEC, in its report, recognizes Gram as a security (not a commodity or utility token) and that Gram's issue itself violates securities laws.EverX launches its own TON testnet.


  • The SEC interrogates Pavel Durov about TON ICO. The interrogation took place in Dubai, UAE. The American regulator is trying to find out why Durov launched the ICO, how much money he spent on Telegram and TON, and why the Gram token is not a security. Durov replied that the money was needed to buy equipment and maintain the blockchain platform and that Gram was a utility token, not a security. Telegram challenges the U.S. court ban on transferring Gram tokens to investors. The court of the Southern District of New York State in a preliminary decision agrees with the SEC's opinion that the project's cryptocurrency is a security. The U.S. authorities claim that investors purchased coins to sell on the secondary market to earn money.
  • Pavel Durov announced on his Telegram channel that he is closing the TON blockchain project. According to Pavel Durov, Telegram's participation in TON development is over. He urged users not to trust money or data to projects that use the name of the messenger or the platform.EverX participates in the community launch of the Free TON blockchain as the core developer.
  • Free TON Community, composed of developers and potential TON users, launches the Free TON blockchain platform. Instead of Gram, participants get tokens called TON Crystal. To become a community member, you need to sign the Free TON Declaration of Decentralization.


  • Everscale achieves world record throughput - 64,000 transactions per second.
  • Free TON announces the ecosystem rebrand to Everscale. The new brand identity comes as the network prepares to migrate from C++ to the Rust programming language, enabling unmatched scalability and throughput capable of bringing the world on-chain.


  • REMP (reliable external messaging protocol) is in the active R&D phase. REMP support is included in the Everscale SDK.
  • The introduction of a set of economic measures to help EVER get into the top 10 by Coinmarketcap.
  • The partnership with DA5 to launch the Philippine blockchain remittance service - marking the first step in Everscale’s rollout of products on the Asian market.
  • The establishment of new development priorities - CBDCs and enterprise solutions. Everscale aims to achieve a high market share in these promising niches.


  • The partnership with Venom - a blockchain licensed by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).
  • More partnerships, integrations, and technical upgrades coming.