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Developer Tools Overview



  • Evercloud (docs) - Evercloud provides TVM networks developers with scalable GraphQL endpoints. Supports Everscale mainnet, devnet, fld-testnet, TON mainnet, Venom testnet.

Blockchain Explorers

Tools for developers

  • TON Solidity Compiler (reference) - Port of the Solidity smart-contract compiler generating TVM bytecode for TON blockchain. Can be installed within Everdev or Locklift environments as well, or compiled manually.

  • Everdev CLI (Quick start | docs) - Everdev is a Node.js package with CLI interface that allows to set up developer environment and develop on TVM compatible blockchains (Everscale, Venom, TON, Gosh, etc).

  • Locklift - development environment, analogous to Hardhat.

  • Bytie - smart contracts interaction playground and useful devtools

TON Solidity Compiler IDE integrations

Libraries for developers

  • Evernode dApp Server - a community (open source) version of Evernode Platform (client supernode with GraphQL API) for TVM blockchains that exposes GraphQL API.
  • Local Node - local blockchain for contract and Dapp testing, exposing GraphQL API. Can be installed and managed within Everdev environment
  • Light Node - Lightweight node implementation
  • Everscale Node - Validator and Full Node implementation
  • Nodekeeper - All-in-one node management tool
  • everscale-network - minimal implementation of the Everscale network protocol