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Getting started

Since Everscale was created on the principles of decentralization, the management and development of the network are completely decentralized thanks to its community.

This section provides ways to improve the network by bringing something new to Everscale.

Everscale Grants

Everscale Grants is a campaign that aims to attract promising IT projects that can contribute to the Everscale ecosystem's growth.

Approved projects receive not only financial but also technical and marketing support.

The formation and distribution of grants are handled by DeFi Alliance.

DeFi Alliance is a business combination that creates the necessary infrastructure to attract teams and projects, raises liquidity from other projects in Everscale, and builds partnerships with large companies with large amounts of liquidity.

To apply, use the form on the Everscale Grants page on the network's website or Everscale DeFi Alliance corresponding page of their official website.


EVER DAO is a decentralized governance platform that allows EVER (wEVER) token holders to vote on proposals relating to the Everscale network. Community members can express their will and opinions on significant network events in a transparent and verifiable way.

To participate in voting, you must have a certain stake WEVER, which will be equivalent to the strength of your vote.

Octus Bridge DAO

Octus Bridge is a cross-chain solution that allows you to move liquidity between Everscale and many other chains.

Octus Bridge also has its native BRIDGE token.

BRIDGE token holders can vote on certain operational decisions of the Octus Bridge platform to make the bridge better. The voting protocol is a real smart contract that is allowed to make changes to other smart contracts.

There are now more than 23 relays of particular importance in the Bridge DAO structure. Any user with at least 100,000 BRIDGE tokens can become a relay.