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Getting started

Welcome to the tutorial page for Institutional Investors.


We are happy to see your interest in the Everscale network and want to make your entrance as smooth and straightforward as possible. To that end, on this page, we will briefly review the main cases that may be useful to you.

Let's begin

First, if you're not familiar with Everscale, we highly recommend that you explore the Everscale overview page.

Let's move on to the cases:

Multisignature wallet

Multisignature wallet is a very useful tool for any investor. It allows you not only to conveniently manage your corporate account, but also greatly increases the safety of your funds.

Go to Multisignature Wallet page to learn more about this tool and its implementation options in Everscale.

Everscale DeFi Alliance

Everscale DeFi Alliance is one of the central organizations in the network.
Thanks to the Alliance, you can conduct profitable OTC transactions, as well as intelligently invest your funds directly in the development of the network, rather than in the purchase of tokens.

Go to the Everscale DeFi Alliance website for more details and to apply for a partnership.


DAO is a decentralized decision-making tool. Thanks to DAO, holders can make in-network decisions.
DAO is a tool for those who care about the network itself (or a specific Dapp) and those who are ready to determine the value of a decision within Everscale on their own.

The following projects currently have the DAO mechanism:

  • EVER DAO - this is the primary decision-making tool relating directly to the Everscale network.
  • Octus Bridge DAO is a decision-making tool within the main Everscale network multichain solution.
  • EverStart (DAO mechanism not launched yet).
  • EverLend - a DeFi platform and an Everlend-powered money market protocol that focuses on the creation of fund pools whose interest rates are based on a supply and demand algorithm of Everlend assets (DAO mechanism not launched yet).


Launchpad allows you to invest in the development of certain projects just before their launch, benefiting in the long term from vesting - the gradual distribution of tokens among all investors, in proportion to the funds they have invested.

At the moment, Everscale's only launchpad is Everstart.

Everstart is a DAO-managed multi-chain launchpad powered entirely by smart contracts. Go to the website of the site and hurry up to get acquainted with upcoming projects.

Smart Investments in Everscale

If you're interested in classic investments and hedge funds, Warp Capital is your choice.

Warp Capital is an official Everscale partner in decentralized finance.
Warp Capital is one of the few decentralized finance hedge funds that provides full control over the invested funds to the investors with capital contributions of $1M+.

Go to Warp Capital's website and fill out the investor questionnaire to start a reliable and profitable partnership.