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EVER SDK Quick Start

This is a guide that will help you quickly familiarize yourself with the main toold and features of EVER SDK. You will create your first DApp and run it on local blockchain


Node.js latest version installed Docker latest version installed

Prepare development environment

Install EVERDEV CLI that will help you easily start local node, compile your contracts, install demo projects and create new empty projects.

$ npm install -g everdev

Start local node (SE)

We will run our test on local blockchain for testing (Evernode SE, start it with this command (docker should be launched).

$ everdev se start

Install demo application

Create a working folder. Then create a node.js demo project with EVERDEV

$ everdev js demo hello-wallet
$ cd hello-wallet
$ npm i

Run it!

Explore Core API


$ node core

You will see the result of core.js file execution. Core.js file demonstrades core ever-sdk api. It is the same for all ever-sdk bindings.

node core
Future address of Hello wallet contract is: 0:1863addf562c5ab98f3761787458e47406675379a4dc6eb36042ba84bde5cb8d
Transfering 1000000000 tokens from giver to 0:1863addf562c5ab98f3761787458e47406675379a4dc6eb36042ba84bde5cb8d
Success. Tokens were transfered

Deploying Hello wallet contract
Success. Contract was deployed

Hello wallet balance is 986483999
Run `getTimestamp` get method
`timestamp` value is {
value0: '0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006373fbb4'
Calling touch function
Success. TransactionId is: 1a34fbfc336ff8212793077c68bff9f49c6c3f270492afa55ca616ef40b22bec

Waiting for account update
Success. Account was updated, it took 0 sec.

Run `getTimestamp` get method
Updated `timestamp` value is {
value0: '0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006373fbb6'
Sending 100000000 tokens to 0:9f98e8de89e19093145afe134017a783daf8bac5dee04b8810c57a348020764c
Success. Target account will recieve: 99000000 tokens

Normal exit

Explore Appkit API


$ node appkit

You will see the result of appkit.js file execution. Appkit.js demonstrates high level Appkit package.

Hello localhost!
Future address of the contract will be: 0:5aab70b197897e47ee65faca0ebe24244fd1373d31de2ae39aca28029e0f3469
Hello contract was deployed at address: 0:5aab70b197897e47ee65faca0ebe24244fd1373d31de2ae39aca28029e0f3469
touch execution transaction is 495d0b02905ac541b54407283e52155fbfcbcc804a82ca40d5da96e433fe2f6b
getTimestamp value: {
value0: '0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006373fa68'
The tokens were sent, but soon they will come back because bounce = true and destination address does not exist


The script implements the following logic:

  1. Links the project with Node.js Ever-SDK binary. If you plan to use JS SDK in Web, link it with Wasm binary. Read more here.
  2. TONClient instance is created and initialized with Evernode SE ("http://localhost", local blockchain) endpoint. See the list of other available endpoints.
  3. Future address is calculated from the code and data of the contract (data includes signing keys)
  4. Flag useGiver: true allows to sponsor deploy with Evernode SE giver that is hard coded as the default Account giver. You can re-assign it to your own giver.

Source code

You can find source code of this sample here

Full docs

See original guide at

Full EVER SDK documenation is available at