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See the list of available demo projects

This command shows the list of available demo projects

everdev js demo


$ everdev js demo
Demo Description
------------ -------------------------
hello-wallet Simple NodeJs Application

Install demo project

This command installs the specified demo project to the current directory. Proceed the instructions in the terminal to run it.

everdev js demo hello-wallet

Create an empty project

This command creates a Node.js project with SDK latest dependencies and index.js file with main Client object creation.

everdev js create test_project

Create contract JS wrapper

This command takes abi and, optionally, tvc file and generates a JS wrapper with abi and tvc converted into base64 that can be used further in SDK. tvc file must have the same name as abi.

everdev js wrap contractName.abi.json

The result name of the wrapper will be "ContractName||"Contract".js".

See other available generation options with help command:

everdev js wrap -h
EverDev Version: 0.4.0
Use: everdev js wrap file [options]
file ABI file
--help, -h Show command usage
--print, -p Print code to console
--output, -o Set output file name (default is built from source ABI file name)
--export, -e Export type and options
commonjs Use CommonJS modules (NodeJs)
commonjs-default Use CommonJS modules (NodeJS) with default export
es6 Use ES6 modules
es6-default Use ES6 modules with default export