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Hackathons & Grants

Everscale hackathons are designed to help unleash new skills and competences via bringing talent from all corners of the world. This, in turn, speeds up the development of new and innovative technologies that aim to challenge the rules of the world we currently find ourselves in. At Everscale, we have an excellent track record in providing first-class hackathons that foster a mutually beneficial ecosystem of Everscale developers and entrepreneurs.

Before exploring the opportunities for your next Everscale hackathon, you are advised to consult our documentation in GitHub so as to be familiar with our main developer tools, programming languages, SDK and support resources to help you build a winning dapp.

There is a wide range of challenges for developers at Everscale hackathons. They vary from bug fixing, developing new features, discovering the latest trends in technologies, and a lot of research into different aspects of blockchain in particular, and decentralization at large. All challenges are organised and structured in such a way, so as to achieve maximum productivity. Therefore, it is of outmost importance for participants to have a ready-made work plan in order for experts to provide their feedback.

Developers who are looking to obtain funding for their ideas have the Everscale grant program at their disposal. The program was launched for talented blockchain developers, eager and capable of creating and implementing revolutionary ideas that serve the interests of the Everscale ecosystem.

The sum available for funding the best projects and ideas is decided and allocated after analysing the utility of each individual case. Grant payments are allocated in EVER. The decision is taken in accordance with the complexity of technical requirements, specifics and mechanics of a proposal, and, most importantly, the expected value of the project for Everscale network.

In order to benefit from the Everscale Grants campaign, please apply via the following page.